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Natural Organic Dog Toothpaste

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Natural Organic Dog Toothpaste

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Keep your dogs teeth looking beautiful and breath smelling "puppy kiss" fresh with our handmade all-natural organic dog toothpaste.

Comes in a cute glass jar with resealable lid that can be reused once empty! 

3 oz.

Organic extra virgin coconut oil, turmeric, kelp powder, dried parsley

Take a regular soft bristle toothbrush and dip it into the jar to cover the bristles in toothpaste. Try to get your dog to lay on their side and gently open their mouth and start brushing. Dogs love the taste, so they will lick while you try to brush. That is okay! If you see a lot of tarter build up, you may want to brush their teeth daily and consider a professional dental cleaning at the vet if it is too bad.


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