Specializing in natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly and organic products for your favorite furry family members!

Durable. Fun. Interactive. Play.

Keep your dog's mind sharp with these pawsome interactive toys!

Fashionista Fur Baby

The only appropriate dress attire while playing with your ball ... 

Dress Em' Up!

Does this bandana make my ears look big? Check out all the PAWSOME styles below!

Control Fleas & Ticks Naturally

Our family uses Cedarcide on our lawn, ourselves and the dogs. We wouldn't use anything else to control the pests in our lives.

Answers Raw Pet Food

An excellent line of fermented food, treats and supplementals to keep your pet in tip top shape! *Not available to ship. Local pick up/delivery only.*

Freeze-Dried Raw Food

An excellent transition food from kibble to species appropriate raw food. *Available to ship.*

More info

Frozen Raw Food

A nutritional species appropriate diet for your dogs! Available in 5 different proteins.

*Not available to ship. Local pick up/delivery only.*

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