Beware of the Tennis Ball

How many of us are guilty of buying our dog a tennis ball? Come on ... let's be honest. My first dog had tennis balls when she was younger. It never dawned on me they were dangerous. Fourteen years ago when she was little, the organic, all-natural, non-toxic movement had not started. You would walk into a pet boutique and purchase a tennis ball for $10.00 and off course it had to be safe, right? It is made for a dog, the makers of this crazy expensive ball have to KNOW it will go in the dogs mouth, right? Here is where I lose most people ... are you ready?

The tennis balls made for sport, are free of the toxins that were found in tennis balls made SPECIFICALLY for dogs! Are you mad yet?

When my beloved dog was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, I spent endless amounts of time researching what causes cancer in dogs. In the middle of my research, I came across a study done by the Ecology Center, a non-profit organization in MI. They tested around 400 dogs toys and the results are alarming ... 45% of those toys had detectable levels of one or more hazardous toxins; including arsenic, bromine, chromium and lead. WHAT?! 

I pulled one tennis ball toy from the study and it is linked here for you to review. 

Chromium, arsenic, bromine and lead DO NOT belong in dog toys! 

Dogs Dig It will ALWAYS do the research to find the safest dog toys for your furry friends. We would never sell anything we wouldn't give or use on our own dogs.

Be an educated pet parent ... cancer is taking 1 out of 2 dogs over the age of 10 AND 1 out of 3 in dogs younger than 10. These numbers are scary friends ... 

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