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Orbee-Tuff Single Color Globe Ball

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Orbee-Tuff Single Color Globe Ball

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Yahoo! A new twist on an old and reliable favorite ... introducing the one piece, single color globe ball! A durable ball made from non-toxic materials that is safe for your dog AND the environment! 

The Orbee-Tuff Globe Ball is super durable and a great choice for those pups whose toys unexplainably "explode" while you are away. 

A hole at the top and bottom of the ball is big enough to add training treats inside to keep your dog busy for hours!

100% Guaranteed






Made in USA

Rated 5 out of 5 on the durability scale!

Small 2 1/4" Diameter Made for very small size dogs only
Medium 3" Diameter Made for small to medium size dogs
Large 4" Diameter Made for large size dogs


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