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Orbee-Tuff Pup Balls

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Orbee-Tuff Pup Balls - Dogs Dig It
Orbee-Tuff Pup Balls - Dogs Dig It
Product image 1Orbee-Tuff Pup Balls - Dogs Dig It
Product image 2Orbee-Tuff Pup Balls - Dogs Dig It

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The Orbee-Tuff Pup Ball is made specifically for puppies! It is durable, yet squishy enough for a teething pup and especially soothing when frozen. A hole at the top and bottom of the ball is big enough to add training treats inside to keep your puppy busy for hours!

Made for Puppies!

100% Guaranteed






Made in USA

Rated 5 out of 5 on the durability scale!

Purple & Teal  Teal & Pink
Large 3.25" Diameter


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