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Green Tripe Nibblets

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Green Tripe Nibblets

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Green Tripe is the RAW, unprocessed stomach of a ruminating (grazing) animal including cow, buffalo, and sheep. In this natural RAW state, it provides the rich nutrients that dogs crave. Green Tripe is the perfect nutritional supplement that can be added to RAW diets or traditional pet food to promote digestive health and boost pets immune systems.

Nibblets are made in a USDA certified facility with USA sourced, made and packed antibiotic and hormone free meat that is 100% free of grains, artificial preservatives, colors, synthetic vitamins or minerals and absolutely NO rendered by product.

1 lb. (comes in a zip-seal bag)

Immune Booster

Beneficial Probiotics & Enzymes

Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6)

Green Tripe Nibblets are meant to be fed as a supplemental dietary support to your pets regular food. 

Use as a dry training treat or a between meals snack. 

Beef tripe


Crude Protein (min %) 49.0
Crude Fat (min %) 36.0
Crude Fiber (max %) 1.20
Moisture (max %) 8.0
CALORIE CONTENT (calculated)
Calorie Content (calc.) ME KCal/Oz 196


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