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Answers Detailed Turkey Formula (for dogs)

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Answers Detailed Turkey Formula (for dogs)

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We LOVE ANSWERS pet food. So many companies out there use the HPP process on their food or inject it with bacteria to make it "safe" - really? Raw food is suppose to have bacteria ... hello! Answers doesn't do that. Their food is real whole organic food that is the right combination of 90% protein, organ meeting and ground bone and 10% whole food ingredients. If you want to feed raw, feed ANSWERS! Perfect for puppies - their calcium ratio is within the proper limits for a pup. The beef formula is at a1% (for you raw feeders out there)!


Whole food ingredients

Made in the USA

NO heat

NO pasteurization

NO synthetic vitamins

NO added hormones

NO added antibiotics

Turkey, turkey liver, turkey kidney, turkey heart, ground turkey bone, chicken eggs, organic green beens, fermented cod liver, organic yellow squash, butter, organic spinach, montmorillonite (clay), fermented decaffeinated green tea (kombucha), organic parsley, salt, vitamin E supplement.

Minimum Maximum
Crude Protein 13.0%
Crude Fat 10.0%
Crude Fiber 2.0%
Moisture 68.0%

Feeding Calculator

The suggested serving is a guide to meet the nutritional needs of most active dogs. However, all dogs are different, and many factors must be considered such as: age, breed, current weight, energy level, amount of exercise and existing health issues.

ANSWERS recommends you start feeding at the low end of our recommendation and reduce or add food according to your pets needs.

Weight Oz. per Day
5 lbs. 1.5-2.5 oz.
10 lbs. 2-3 oz.
15 lbs. 3-4 oz.
20 lbs. 4-6 oz.
30 lbs. 6-8 oz.
40 lbs. 8-10 oz.
50 lbs. 9-12 oz.
60 lbs. 10-13 oz.
75 lbs. 12-16 oz.
100 lbs. 16-20 oz.


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