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5-inch Bison Bones, 2-pack

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5-inch Bison Bones, 2-pack

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These meaty marrow bones will bring peace and quiet to any doggie household! This 2-pack of recreational bones will keep your dogs busy for HOURS! Did you know that raw bones are great for your dogs oral health?

Perfect size for medium to large breed dogs. 

Sourced in the USA

USDA Certified

Raw meaty marrow bones should be fed occasionally and AFTER a full meal. They are not meant for a meal replacement and should be thawed prior to consumption.

DO NOT bake these ... feed RAW.

Cooked bones are dangerous for your dog. They can splinter and break apart tearing the digestive tract potentially causing death.

It is extremely important to supervise your dog while they are chewing on a bone.

Once the meaty pieces and marrow are cleaned off, the bone should be thrown away.


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