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Misty "Find your Happy" Dog Bandana

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Misty "Find your Happy" Dog Bandana - Dogs Dig It

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Save Lives!

"Misty-Find your Happy" 

It's your turn to honor the beautiful 16-year old black lab that melted the hearts of thousands around the world with her sad, yet triumphant story. To read more about Misty, check out her Facebook page.

Many of you know the story of Misty. When she was diagnosed with cancer, her owner beat her on the head with a hammer, tossed her into a bag, threw her into a marsh and left her to die alone, earlier this year on a cold January evening. Four young men found Misty alive, took her to get help which made it possible for her to survive that horrible incident. Misty was taken in by a foster family from a local shelter, where she spent  time recuperating from her injuries and being spoiled by her new family in a home filled with love, faith, hope, joy and peace. Misty was unconditionally and deeply loved by her foster family and her almost 9,500 followers world-wide on Facebook. Her foster Mama shared her with the world ... it was as though she was our dog too. Beautiful Misty received her angel wings and soared across the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, October 21, 2016 surrounded by those who loved her so deeply. It was a sad day for everyone. The family at Dogs Dig It, shed many tears that evening, but the words, "Find your Happy" rang in our hearts. Find your happy in the little moments, the small joys, the love of family and friends.

Dogs Dig It is partnering with Misty's foster family to keep Misty's legacy alive by donating 25% of all "Misty" bandana sales to the Alliance for Animals and the Environment.

We love you Misty! We will continue to fight alongside your Mama to push Misty's Bill into law! We will give a voice to those who cannot speak! In the words of Misty's Mama -- MISTY STRONG!

If you want to post pictures of your pups wearing Misty's bandana, please post on our Facebook page with the #MISTYSTRONG.

Use the chart below to find the perfect fit for your pup!

5.5"-6.5" Collar pocket is 3/4" wide Perfect for cats and toy breeds
7"-7.5" Collar pocket is 1" wide

Perfect for toy and small breeds


8"-9.5" Collar pocket is 1 1/2" wide

Perfect for medium breeds

(Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Pit Bull)

10"-13" Collar pocket is 1 3/4" wide

Perfect for large breeds

(German Shepherd, Lab, Golden Retriever)

14"-18" Collar pocket is 1 3/4" wide

Perfect for giant breeds

(Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Bullmastiff)


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